Our team is growing!

Constantine Bulavenko joined out team of AMC coaches. he is an 11th grader at KPL #171 “Leader” in Kyiv. Before 7th grade, Constantine lived in Chicago and studied at Edison Regional Gifted Center. He was a participant and winner of more than 50 math competitions in the US and in Canada. In 2022, Constantine got 1st place in three Kyiv city Olympiads for math, chemistry, and physics, as well as in AMC 12 in Ukraine. Constantine volunteered as a teacher of AMC 8, 10, and 12 for students at the IX All-Ukrainian math summer school “Math Olymp”. He is a winner of a few all-Ukrainian competitions. Constantine is a participant of the “Yuliya’s Dream” math enrichment and research program at MIT, where he studied knot theory. His favorite subjects are graph theory and organic chemistry. In addition, Constantine enjoys biking, ice skating, volleyball, and tinkering with Arduino.

Constantine will be coaching our youngest participants and getting them ready for AMC8.

His coaching sessions will begin on October 26th.

To register follow the link to the registration form.

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